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Irish EPA E-coli review of private wells.
More On Fluoride.
Midges pain in the (water) butt.
Drink More Water.
Is This The Answer To MRSA Infection?


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Deadly E.Coli Traced To Private Wells.

The title of this blog is the actual title used in the newspaper article printed in the Irish Mirror of Friday, 6th June 2014..

The complete article is reproduced below:

Nearly a third of private wells in Ireland are contaminated by E.coli, putting children at risk of fatal kidney failure, health bosses warned yesterday.

Up to 30% are infected with the bacteria caused by animal or human waste the Environmental Protection Agency said.

A HSE report has also shown Ireland has the highest rate of Verotoxigenic E.

New Contact & New Products.

A saying in business is that you cannot afford to stand still. Every business has to be forward thinking and willing to embrace new technology and new products.

We are, therefore, pleased to announce that we have joined up with an established German based water treatment manufacturer, Watch Water, to bring a number of their products to Ireland.

The initial products now available fit in with our own experience with iron and manganese contaminated well water and natural organic matter from surface sources as well as the processing of wastewater.

The Top Five Cancer Causing Toxins In Your Home.

There is no refuting the fact that our battle against cancer rages on as more and more people are being diagnosed with the disease than ever before. This terrible disease takes countless lives each year and affects the lives of those left behind forever.

In her ground-breaking and bestselling book,Super Foods for a Super Healthy You, Agora Health editor Rachael Linkie explains that over 85 per cent of all cancers are entirely avoidable and, of these, around half are related to nutritional deficiencies in the Western diet.

Good News For Rainwater Harvesting.

It has been announced that all new buildings, including all domestic and commercial developments will be required to install rainwater harvesting systems in an attempt to reduce overall water consumption.
The regulations which are hoped to be in place by 2015 will also include new school premises, offices and apartments.
Changes to the planning regulations will be introduced so that all new buildings will be fitted with harvesting facilities which will reduce the demand for mains water as part of a Government water conservation programme.

The Fluoride Alternative.

The Invisible ToothbrushWritten by Emmanuel Cheraskin, MD, DMD   Friday, 30 March 2001 01:48
One of the many risk factors for heart disease is poor dental health. The root cause for both diseases is probably the same--nutritional deficiencies, including deficiency of vitamin C. In this article, Dr. Emmanuel Cheraskin presents evidence that serum vitamin C levels are just as important as brushing for the prevention of tooth decay.
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