Latest technology non-chemical water treatment services - Softeners, U/V & R/O
Latest technology non-chemical water treatment services - Company Message
Water Softeners.
Our Opal range softeners come in three sizes - 8,10 and 20 litre. The 8 litre softeners are compact and in most cases can fit in the kitchen under the sink. Bigger is always better because the larger the system the less often the softener needs to regenerate.
10 x 17 10L Cabinet SoftenerWe supply a choice of metered based softeners and time clock based units. Metered based softeners measure the amount of water consumption and regenerates when necessary. Time clock softeners regenerate on pre-set dates and times Time clock based softeners are cheaper in price but may have higher operating costs.
An alternative to ion exchange softeners is provided by the advance in nanotechnology media which alters the chemical format of calcium and magnesium making them more soluble in water and prevent scale build up in water systems.
Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis reduces a wide spectrum of drinking water contaminants. The systems include membrane separation, activated carbon absorption and micro filtration.
Reverse osmosis systems continue to remain a popular way to provide a high quality water source in the home. The most popular model being a five stage pumped system. Although producing acceptable water quality there are a number of disadvantages in employing this technology.
It is a large unit which commandeers most of the space under the kitchen sink. It's process calls for almost constant flushing of the sub-micron membrane thus allowing a considerable amount of water to be run off to waste, and the adherence to the maintenance intervals recommended by the manufacturer.
Not withstanding the previous observations they are still in demand and remain an item on most equipment suppliers inventory. Prior to shipment each system is wet tested for quality assurance.
5 Stage R/O.
Ultra Violet Disinfection.
Ultra violet germicidal irradiation is a disinfection method that uses U/V light to kill micro-organisms. It is a very much accepted method to reduce bacterial contamination in well water supplies. Installation has to include a pre-filter to ensure that the source water is clean and bacteria cannot be concealed by sediment particles. This is a proven cost effective technology that will only continue to work efficiently if all service recommendations are observed. Choose your pre-filter from our range. Filters.

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