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Improved Water Quality With Revitalized Water.
Water is one of the most important elements in the body. Water ensures that mineral nutrients and trace elements reach every single cell in the body. Water accelerates metabolic rate and helps to strengthen the body's defence system.
At the end of the 1970's, Johann Grander, an Austrian naturalist conducted a series of experiments concentrated on natural magnetism and water.
This study of electrical energy showed that conversion of energy worked even in and under water and that the water developed special properties. He named this natural process "water revitalisation" observing under the microscope that micro-organisms exhibit modified behaviour.
The remarkable experience of the "Grander Effect" is that water revitalized through this process redevelops properties and characteristics just as nature intended. It regenerates and develops a high self purification capacity and increased resistance indefinitely, improving water quality.
Areas of use.
1. Drinking and household.
2. Heating systems.
3. Swimming pools and spas.
4. Ponds and ecological habitats.
5. Cooling circuits and process water.
Benefits of Revitalised Water.
1. Improved bacteria response.
2. Systems require less management and maintenance.
3. Change in average size of suspended solids extending filtration life, reduced fouling, and life extension of membrane technologies.
4. Chemical kinetics are improved by which chemical costs may be reduced and the efficacy of aqueous chemical reactions is improved.
5. Many biological systems including bacteria, plants and animals, perform there function with greater efficacy after treatment. In agricultural applications plant yields and quality often increase and in animal husbandry, animal health, production and behaviour all show improvements.
Grander Stainless Water Revitalisers.This so-called information transfer is a unique discovery and has been turned into a practical application.
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