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Recently our local group water scheme changed the means of disinfection to dosing sodium hypochlorite solution manufactured on site at the pump house. This has many advantages, availability, cost plus the need to transport chemicals becomes redundant.

The disinfectant is produced by the simple process of treating salt water with electrical power by way of an anode and cathode. The process is called electrochlorination.

The system is automated and controlled by electronic monitoring to control manufacture and dosing. Fairly straightforward you would think, but we were surprised to see a quantity of a slimy residue collecting in the storage tank. This led us to investigate the chemical process in greater depth which led us to appreciate that water is the universal solvent and is far from the accepted chemical structure of H2O.

Despite the water used in the manufacture passing through a water softener the residue was being formed by the chemical reaction between the electrolysis and the remaining dissolved minerals the process was able to find in the water.  This led us to consider reducing the dissolved solids count to as low as possible (less than 10). Our inlet water TDS was almost a constant 500 ppm.

The only option to achieve our target would be a reverse osmosis system. We chose a Pentair PRF - RO that is compact, unfussy, has a long changeout period and is robust enough for siting in a busy pumphouse.    

If you are suffering a similar problem with unrestricted electrolysis and creating an unwanted residue from dissolved minerals then we would be pleased to help.

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