Latest technology non-chemical water treatment services - Iron/Manganese Removal
Latest technology non-chemical water treatment services - Company Message
Katalox Light.

Katalox Light is our media of choice for the removal of iron, manganese and the removal of discoloured water.

Another Happy Customer.

Katalox Light is an inexpensive means of allowing  clean generation of oxygen from water. It is not a filter media but the best catalyst available to improve water in every application.

A catalyst causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected. The high content of manganese dioxide accelerates the chemical oxidation which is necessary to remove; 
 Hydrogen Sulphide 

Catalytic reaction allows iron and manganese that are not oxidized to precipitate and be absorbed on the Katalox Light media.

Katalox Light is a light but high content granular media intended for multiple applications especially private wells and boreholes. Don't continue to accept poor quality water.
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