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Energy Saver
Improving water quality and reducing energy costs are like conjoined twins. They are totally related and invariably addressing one issue inevitably requires attention to the other.
This is true both in domestic and commercial situations.
The most common example is the build up of scale deposits, in the home and in commercial water processing, where heating the water causes the carbonate to fall out of solution. The deposits then provide a natural impediment to the heat transfer. A perfect demonstration of how the two issues are linked.
As a result we highly recommend shopping around for the best deals on offer from the energy (electricity, gas, LPG, oil) suppliers. The market has opened up with more choice and introductory offers available which require switching suppliers at regular intervals.
In addition we recommend the installation of powerful fuel conditioners to the supply lines of oil and gas boilers and appliances that can result in a substantial saving on fuel consumption. 
Trials and tests undertaken over a long period have confirmed positive results showing energy savings that more than justify the initial expense.
The fuel conditioner sizes vary to accommodate pipe sizes starting at 10mm for domestic applications to industrial equipment. 
In conjunction with a Government initiative to promote energy efficiency for business we are seeking SME's to take part in further trials that will confirm the degree of fuel energy that can be saved before making an investment that can reduce their operating expenses.
Energy costs now account for almost 10% of operating costs in most businesses according to a recent survey. Excluding transport, the survey revealed that manufacturers spent over €114,000 per annum while the average retailer spends approximately €50,000 annually.
Energy costs are expected to rise and a positive response is required to reduce this impact on business growth.
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