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Catering - Improved water quality.
Water dissolves everything it comes in contact with. Because of this the water we use is usually saturated with many dissolved minerals. When water is heated it's ability to hold these minerals in solution is decreased.
Removing scale causing minerals can be accomplished by water softening and reverse osmosis, but these methods are not always cost effective and not always the correct application.
Hydroblend.Sequestration (binding up) the dissolved scale causing minerals has proven to be an effective treatment by reducing water hardness and lime-scale issues.
HYDROBLEND is a unique composition blended to achieve superior lime scale prevention and corrosion control. The most important advantage in using HYDROBLEND is that unlike regular polyphosphates it is not affected by high temperatures.
HYDROBLEND works in three unique ways.
1. It acts as a scale inhibitor.
2. It is a sequestrant of iron and manganese thus eliminating staining.
3. It combines with the calcium carbonate in the water to form a protective
film of calcium phosphate on the inside of pipes and water fed equipment which acts as a deterrent to corrosion and scale.
Hot water heaters and boilers.
Steam equipment, Combi-ovens, Coffee machines.
Ice machines.
Iron/manganese staining.
Misting systems.
Cooling towers.
Corrosion control.
Hot water fed equipment.


Above is an example of a Duplex Water Softener with Clack control valves installed at a landmark County Meath hotel. Multiple tank softeners provide water for large scale demand in this case a regeneration of 25 cubic metres. Request a quote. Be surprised by the competitive pricing. Call me, Bill Southard, at Aquadoc Water Systems on 353-86-8180777.
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