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Brewing & Baking.

Hops, malt yeast and water are the sole ingredients of beer brewed in accordance with the German Beer Purity Law. Since beer is 90% water, water quality has a decisive influence on the taste of the beer. Here is an example of an upgrade at a leading craft brewer to improve their water quality. Basically the quality of the product is entirely dependent on the water. 

Here's another example. Fire and water are the two elements  which shape our daily bread. The best possible raw materials and the high art of blending them together correctly produce the noble victuals. Water revitalisation, the improvement in water quality, has become an essential part of the art of baking in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
The experience of bakers who use revitalised water is well documented. Longer shelf life, a better crust and a fuller and more aromatic taste have been noticed by bakers throughout Central Europe. The picture shows the water treatment installation at Tartine Bakery in north Dublin. In a taste survey conducted by the Irish Independent newspaper published on the 9th Feb 2017, the Tartine Organic Bakery, scored 9/10 for sourdough bread. A significant rating well above it's competitors. Credit to the water quality.
"I heard it was much better for the pipes, so I had water revitalisation installed". Grander was a revelation to Austrian baker, Gunter Kammerer.
"The products are finer and last longer, the machinery does not put on scale so quickly. Our customers love it so much that we are now selling 8% more bread products".
The Austrian Baker.The 72 year old business uses organic sourdough and revitalised water for it's bread and pastries and bakes various types of bread in a wood fired oven. All grocery shops in the region benefit from the revitalised Kammerer bread. Their customers can choose from 28 kinds of bread and 32 kinds of pastries.
Can changing to revitalised water help your business with an improved quality of products, longer shelf life and greater customer satisfaction?
Contact me, Bill Southard, at Aquadoc Water Systems on 086-8180777.
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