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Antiscalant Dosing.

Is this the alternative to salt based water softening that we have been seeking?

The advantages are striking; lower initial outlay, lower operating costs, less operating space required, no storage  needed. In addition the system does not waste water with frequent regeneration or discharge brine water into the environment. The mixture of salts is non toxic, is not irritating to eyes or skin, presents no handling difficulties and is completely biodegradable.

A unique water treatment for industrial and commercial applications. The technology is consistently efficient, cost effective and eco-friendly.

A combination of a water meter, a dosing pump and a media storage tank is all that is required. The water meter monitors the flow rate which then regulates the dosage by the pump fed from the storage tank. Certainly, with the cost of water due to rise controlled dosing may provide a way to offset the higher costs and provide the quality for process water supply.

Our initial installation is still at the monitoring stage but a calcium carbonate (CACO3) reading of 458 m/ltr has been reduced to 222 m/ltr and a sodium reading of 197.3 m/ltr has been reduced to 92.86 m/ltr.

I-Soft is a proprietary liquid antiscalant designed to inhibit, sulphate, silica and carbonate scale and to disperse colloidal particles in any application. It is a mixture of trisodium salts and polysalts with absolutely no potential harmful effects. This formulation is absolutely unique.

Suitable applications are for hotels, offices, apartment complexes, boiler water, heat exchangers and cooling towers.

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