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Latest technology non-chemical water treatment services - Company Message
A more recent addition to the "Grander" product range has been the development of immersion devices. The immersion devices are supplied in two versions for drinking and non-drinking purposes.
The same dramatic results are also apparent with this latest device.
1. Water becomes more stable.
2. Reduction in bacterial slime.
3. Reduction in unpleasant smells.
4. Enhanced plant yields.
5. Stronger root growth.
6. Faster plant growth.
7. Reduced particle deposits.
8. Less use of detergents.
9. Less maintenance required.
Grander Immersion Cylinders.A specific type of immersion device has been developed for use in treating liquid manure. the popularity of this application is growing rapidly with the increase in organic farming which depends on manure rather than artificial fertilisers.
Traditionally, manure has been seen as foul smelling and potentially toxic to plants due to it's inherent acidity. Practical experience has demonstrated that liquid manure revitalisation using the immersion device is most effective when the animals themselves producing the manure drink revitalised water.
Key benefits of Grander manure revitalisation.
1. Reduction in smell.
2. Smoother consistency - easier to spread.
3. Increased ammoniacal nitrogen content.
4. Reduced nitrate content.
5. More balanced pH.
For more information call me, Bill Southard, at Aquadoc Water Systems on 353-86-8180777.
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